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Tuesday, Dec 13,2016
9 Tips to choose the carpeting that fits you!

Here are 9 tips to choosing the best carpeting for your home.

  1. Pick a suitable padding: Many people skip out on this step, or try to save some money here, but the padding of carpeting has a late effect on the quality of the carpet and its duration - So put some more time and money into the padding. 
  2. Carpets come in many styles: Consider buying any of the different styles based on your home. Some of the different types of carpeting are Plush, Saxony, Berber, Textured, and Frieze.
  3. Cost: Even though we told you not to be skimpy on your money, don’t spend too much, even the most luxurious carpets can come at a reasonable price. Find a carpet that fits your lifestyle and budget.
  4. Find the right place to buy your carpets: Come to us, during Christmas time for a sale!
  5. Find a carpet and understand the maintenance requirements that it requires: Know what you are getting into.
  6. Warranty: Make sure you get a carpet with a good warranty. Most carpets here come with 5 and 10-year warranties - so come get one quickly!
  7. Color: Pick the right color and pattern that suits your lifestyle and house.
  8. Health: Find a carpet that provides good air quality and health, you’d be surprised how much of an effect this can have.
  9. Carpeting vs. Area rugs: What’s right for you? Pick the one that suits you best - do you need a carpet for your whole room or just one section?


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