5 Tips For Pet Proofing Your New Flooring | Eglinton Carpets

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Installing new flooring is a great investment in your home. Your furry friends may spend more time on it then your do. Here are five tips to help prevent wear and tear on your new flooring.

#PetProof your flooring and get a dog bed. Comfy for your pet, you and your hardwood floors! #hardwood #hardwoodfloors #protectingyourfloors

Regular cleanings are the best way to prevent pet damage. Hardwood floors collect dirt, sand, and grit and can be easily scratched by pets. To prevent scratches, use a strong sealant or consider a refinishing treatment. #hardwood #protectinghardwood #mybeautifulfloor

#PetProof and prevent scratching on your hardwood floors by placing rugs in high traffic areas. #protectinghardwood #hardwoodflooring

#PetProof your hardwood by trimming your pets’ nails. It’s an easy way to prevent scratching and scuffing. I’m sure your pet and your flooring will thank you! ?#protectinghardwood #hardwoodfloors

How many of you just keep your pets off your flooring all together? #protectingyourhardwood #hardwoodfloors #petproofing