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Looking for the perfect carpet to elevate the comfort and style of your flooring? Look no further! At Eglinton Carpets & Flooring, we offer a vast selection of carpet styles, patterns, and colours that are sure to satisfy any personal taste and match any decor. Discover why carpet is a great choice for your home or workspace.

Why Choose Carpet for Your Home or Office?

Comfort and Quiet

The cushioned surface of carpet provides comfort and absorbs sound, making it less noisy to walk on compared to hard surface flooring.


Carpet is one of the most economical flooring options available. Enjoy high-quality flooring without breaking the bank.

Safety and Protection

Carpet has a non-slip surface, a safe underfoot experience and cushioning effect, preventing delicate items from breaking.

Easy to Maintain

Most synthetic carpets are treated with static, stain, and soil-resistant solutions, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Common Materials Used in Carpeting

EC carpet

Texture Suitability

Cut Pile
Soft and comfortable, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. Styles include Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable, each offering a different look and texture.

Durable and suitable for heavy traffic areas, with options like Berber, available in level-loop or multi-loop constructions.

Combines high cut tufts and lower loops, offering a variety of sculptured patterns for added visual appeal.

Colour / Dye Methods

Colour Selection
Your floor acts as the fifth wall of the room, connecting all design elements together. Consider the walls, window treatments, and other furnishings when choosing a colour scheme for your carpet.

Solution Dyed
The fibre is dyed before being woven, resulting in stronger stain and fade resistance, as well as resistance to harsh cleaning agents.

Continuous Dyed
This method is completed during the post-tufting process, suitable for woven carpets, and achieves solid colours.


Experience the Difference with Eglinton Carpets & Flooring

We understand that each detail matters in creating the perfect home or office environment. From selecting the ideal carpet to installation, our team ensures your satisfaction every step of the way. Upgrade your flooring with us and transform your space into a haven of comfort, style and inspiration. Discover the finest selection of soft flooring surfaces suitable for any space.